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The Preferences - Work Groups - Reports screen allows for various reporting privileges to be assigned for each workgroup. Selecting a check box grants the work group permission to access that report. Clear a check box to deny the work group access.




Select :

Click to select the group whose report access you want to change.



This column displays a list of existing work groups.



Select a check box in this column to specify the default work group to which new users will be added. You must have a default work group selected or you will not be able to create new users.


Delete :

Click to delete a highlighted group.



In the Reports section, select a module (for example, Contacts) from this drop-down list for which you want to configure report privileges. Choosing a module displays the relevant privileges for the currently selected work group.



This list displays the report privileges for the selected module. Select or clear the check boxes for the displayed items to configure the privileges specific to the selected workgroup. Selecting a listed item grants the work group access that report.


Button Panel


Click to save the report settings.



Opens the EngineerOffice 2016 Help in the Preferences section.

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