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The following provides details about  the Projects screen button panel.



Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate projects. The field's predictive search instantly display results as you type in this field.


Active only:

Mark this check box to search only the active projects.



Click to view the next project.



Click to view the previous project.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Projects section.





Select this option to create a new project.



Select this option to create a new project from an existing project. This duplicates the old project's team members, team member roles and rates, project contacts, phases, job codes and rates, document filing system used in the old project (not the documents themselves, just the structure) and all tasks and resource assignments (not Due Dates).



Choose this option to delete a project from the system. Only users with the proper security privileges can delete projects.


My List:

Projects that you are actively involved with as a team member can be accessed by selecting this option. It displays your projects in the List View.



Select this option to go to the List View and display the current found set of project records.



Select to locate a particular project and return a found set displaying the results in a List View (also accessible using the List button).



Select this option to refine the last Find you performed.

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