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This screen displays the document filing system used for the projects. Located on the file server, project documents are organized in a folder hierarchy (that is, folders and sub folders).


Project Documents

This section displays the file structure in which EngineerOffice documents are stored. This structure consists of folders and sub-folders. The files within a folder display in the document grid. Click the arrow by a folder or sub-folder to expand or collapse it.

Use Filter

Use the filters to narrow down the list of documents that display in the grid. You can apply filters by document type or title.



Displays the document title or filename. You can click it to view a document in its native program (for example, Adobe Reader or AutoCad).



Displays the descriptive detail of a document.



Shows the document type (for example, Word, PDF, Excel, etc.).



Displays the date on which a document was created or modified.



Displays the name of the person who added the document.



Select a listed document by checking its box. You must first select an item to perform the desired action from the Action menu. If you click All, all line items on the grid are selected.


Show Detail :

Click to access detailed information about a document.



Click to remove the selected item.


Files listed in the document grid are color coded to indicate whether a document is registered in the EngineerOffice database or has been moved or deleted.


Document Status



These are detected documents in the document folder specified in Preferences with corresponding records in the database.


These files have corresponding records in the database but have been moved or deleted from the document folder specified in Preferences.


These are documents detected in the document folder specified in Preferences which do not have a corresponding record saved in the database.


To create records for these files in the database, select Save All from the Action drop-down list above the documents grid.


Button Panel


Select the number of rows you want to see on the grid. The options range from 15 to 500. EngineerOffice memorizes the number of rows selected by you and displays the same next time you log in.




New Document:

Select to create new documents based on a document template (over 70 included) and 'drill down' through the folders and sub-folders to locate documents of interest.


Save Selected Item:

Select to save your changes.


Save All:

When this option is selected, all the files and folders in the storage directory for a project that are not already saved in the database will be saved to it. Until files are added to the database, they will display in the Document view but you will not be able to view or edit detail information for them (for example, add descriptive detail or assign contacts).

Delete Selected Documents:

Click to delete the selected documents from the grid. You will be prompted to either delete the link to the documents or delete both the link and the documents.


Delete Selected Folders:

Click to delete the selected folders and its content. You will be prompted to either delete the link to the folders or delete both the link and the folders.


Delete Orphan Documents:

Click this option to remove all solo or orphan records in your project documents.


New Template Folder:

Select to add a document folder.


New Custom Folder:

Select this option to add a root directory or folder.

New Sub Folder:

Select this option to add a child directory or folder.


Move Document To:

Moves selected documents to another folder.


Move Folder To:

Moves selected folders to another folder with contents.


Set Project Folder:

Select this option to store a project's files in a location different from the document path selected in the Documents - Paths preferences. This setting is project specific.


Open Project Folder:

Select this option to open the folder in which the project files are stored.

View All:

Click this button to toggle on the Show all as one list option.



Select to look at all the current project documents in the List View.



Select to search the project documents for files meeting only specific search criteria (Contents, Subject, Date, Author, etc.), returning the results as the found set and presenting them in the List View.


Button Panel

Search :

Use this search field to quickly locate projects. The field's predictive search instantly display results as you type in this field.


Active only:

Mark this check box to search only the active projects.



Click to display the previous project record.



Click to display the next project record.



Opens the EngineerOffice 2016 Help in the Projects section.





Select to create a new project.



Select to duplicate an active project record.



Select to delete a project. This is a secure privilege available only when specifically allowed in the Preferences screen.


My List:

Select to view projects assigned to you.



Select to view a list of all projects.



Use this option to locate projects matching specific criteria, with the resulting Found Set displayed in the List View.



Select to return to the last Find criteria so you can modify the requests before executing the search.

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