EngineerOffice-QuickBooks Integration Settings - Payroll Settings

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Payroll items must be assigned to accounts in QuickBooks. EngineerOffice allows you to assign QuickBooks payroll items and accounts to chargeable and non-chargeable time entries for each employee. The time data transferred is assigned to the specified payroll item and account in QuickBooks. You can specify the payroll items on the Payroll Settings panel of the EngineerOffice-QuickBooks Integration Settings screen. You need to set these options if you want to transfer time data from EngineerOffice to QuickBooks for payroll purposes.


The following are descriptions of fields on this screen:



General Payroll Settings

Default Payroll Item:

You can specify a QuickBooks payroll item or wage type as the default payroll item. For example, you can select Regular Pay or Salary as the default payroll type for EngineerOffice employees.


Payroll Expense Account:

You can specify a QuickBooks account for payroll expenses. By default, Payroll Expenses is selected but you can choose another expense account from the drop-down list.