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EngineerOffice comes with more 70 pre-built Microsoft Word and Excel templates for your common engineering documentation needs.


The templates provided with EngineerOffice can be modified to suit your company unique needs. For example, the font size, font, header size, logo placement, or any of the text, can be changed on the template, so all new documents created from this template adopt these new modifications. This ensures that your corporate identity is preserved (every document is exactly the same as you specify) and that any customized needs can be accommodated.


Your administrator can also add to the library of provided templates, adding your own Word or Excel templates to meet your firm's specific needs. Other templates such as AutoCad, Visio, Microsoft Project, FastTrack, and VectorWorks can be added to the template library, making it easy and efficient for users to create new documents.


In addition, you can take your existing templates, customize them by adding EngineerOffice fields for merging your contact and project data, and attach them to EngineerOffice, so your employees can continue to use the standard documents in your firm.



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