Time/Expense Search Request

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The Time/Expense Search Request screen is used to locate time or expense entries quickly based on any combination of search parameters. Search results (that is, Found Set) are displayed in a List View.


Active Only

Mark this check box to search the time and expense entries associated with the active project leaders, principals or employees.



Note: For the Phase field, if you have already selected a Project No or Project Name, the drop-down list shows only the phases of that selected project, not all phases. Only if you have not already selected a project number or name, or have removed a previously entered value, does it show everything.



Select to remove additional search criteria.



Select to add additional search criteria.



Select to close this screen.



Click to execute the search after entering your search criteria. Keep in mind that the search will return a found set, and you can enter as many search requests as necessary before executing the Find.


Button Panel


Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Search section.

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