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Use the options on this screen to process payments, retainers, credits, and refunds. Payments can be applied to invoices or projects. You can also apply a single payment across multiple invoices or projects. You can view all invoices or projects with outstanding balances for a client. In addition, itemized detail for how a payment was applied is displayed.


You cannot create a retainer payment transaction that applies directly to a project. You can issue a retainer payment only after all invoices are fully paid off and unused retainers need to be refunded. All regular mid-project retainer payments must be applied to open invoices, not to projects. EngineerOffice allows you to move retainer balances between projects that are owned by the same client. So if clients have a retainer balance on one of their projects, you can transfer that retainer or a portion of it to another project as a retainer transaction. It debits the transferred amount from the original project and credits it to the new project.


EngineerOffice does not allow you to apply a credit (liability) directly to a project. Credits can only be applied to open invoices and cannot exceed the invoice amount. Any excess amount is added to the retainer account.


From the accounting perspective, when retainers are applied on an invoice, the transaction debits the AO Unearned Retainer account and credits the A/R account.


This screen can be accessed by selecting New from the Action drop-down on the Contacts-Transactions screen, by clicking Enter Payment for an invoice listed on Billing-Outstanding screen, or by clicking on a row on the Projects-Billing-Transactions screen.



Trans No:

Displays the number for the currently displayed transaction.


Reference No:

A reference number can be entered here for the transaction being recorded. For example, a routing number from a personal check can be typed here.



Displays the name of the client linked with this transaction.


Enter comments or descriptive detail to be saved with the transaction.



Enter the date on which the transaction was made.


Transaction Type:

Specify the type of transaction you want to record: payment received, retainer applied, credit issued or amount refunded.


Account Balance:

Displays the current account balance for a project.


Retainer Balance:

Displays the current balance of a retainer paid by a client.



Displays the payment amount received for the current transaction. Any excess payment amount is added to the retainer account.


Available to Apply:

The payment amount available to apply to a selected invoice or project.


Amount to Apply:

Enter the amount to apply to a selected invoice or project. To expedite processing, click the value in the Balance Due column, in the Outstanding Invoices/Contacts Projects table, for a selected invoice or project to have that amount populate this field.



Click this button to apply payments by invoice. A list of invoices for the selected client displays.



Click this button to apply payments by project. A list of projects for the selected client displays.


Outstanding Invoices/Contact Projects:

This table displays a list of projects or invoices for the selected client. Click Invoice or Projects to toggle between the type of information displayed. Click Apply to apply the value in the Amount to Apply field to an outstanding balance for a selected invoice or project.


Individual Items from this Payment:

This table displays itemized detail for the payment being applied for the current transaction. Click Delete to remove a transaction item.



Click this button to complete the transaction.

Button Panel







Select to delete a transaction.


When an invoice, against which a credit has been applied automatically, is deleted, the credit is re-charged back to its project.



Select to view a list of outstanding transactions.



Select to run a transaction search.



Opens the EngineerOffice Help in the Transaction Detail section.


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