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EngineerOffice is a project management solution for engineers. It is networkable, multi-user, device-agnostic software. It was created by engineers, for engineers, and has continued to evolve to meet the needs of a growing worldwide customer base. EngineerOffice takes all the disparate pieces of information in your office and organizes them in a most remarkable way by offering solutions such as contact management, document management, task and project management, time and expense tracking, billing and reporting.


Being device-agnostic, your employees can run EngineerOffice (as client) from anywhere using a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android platform. You can make EngineerOffice instantly accessible to local and remote users via the Internet while retaining all the features and functionality that your business depends on. This solution is simple, affordable, secure, scalable and fast. EngineerOffice 2016 comes in three different editions. Please see the EngineerOffice Edition Comparison Chart for details.


Using advanced technologies, EngineerOffice provides integration with Microsoft Word and Excel as well as accounting systems like QuickBooks. It also syncs with Microsoft Outlook and Entourage, Apple Calendar (iCal), Apple Contacts (Address Book) and Apple Mail.


EngineerOffice uses named licensing which requires each EngineerOffice user to have an EngineerOffice license. We also provide several Support and Maintenance Agreement options.


The EngineerOffice software includes the following main modules:


  • Project Management

  • Contact Management

  • Document Management

  • Task Management

  • Time and Expenses Tracking

  • Billing

  • Payments

  • Reporting

  • Accounting Application Integration

  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Microsoft Entourage Integration

  • Apple Calendar/Mail/Contacts Integration

  • Microsoft Word and Excel Integration


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