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myspy.jpg (3154 bytes)MySpy is a powerful monitoring tool that enables employers, employees and parents/guardians to audit computer use through activity tracking.

MySpy can either be visible to the user as an icon in the system tray or it can be completely blind or hidden. It monitors which programs are open and which files within each program are active. MySpy is the perfect tool to track Web-browsing activity, email usage and any other application. Idle time can also be tracked. The activity details are stored in a MS Access® compatible database and automatically delivered as a HTML report via email.

For businesses, MySpy can guard against inappropriate computer use at the office. In addition, MIS groups or other IT decision-makers can collect data to gain an overall understanding of the corporation’s software usage. For example, the MIS department will learn which programs need to be upgraded or which applications require training.
For employees who track their time, MySpy becomes their reliable assistant; helping to confirm how much time is spent on an application or a specific project. The software can also send idle time reminders at the users request and frequency. MySpy has a small memory footprint (the amount of memory the product needs to run), using less than 2 percent of the system’s resources to operate. Look for MySpy to integrate with BillQuick in, enabling employees to automatically complete their time cards as well.

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