ArchiOffice 2014

ArchiOffice 2017 - Problem Solved.

Meet the faster, smarter ArchiOffice 2014. Its simpler usability, easier navigation, as well as more flexible invoicing and reporting features will help you solve your everyday business management problems.


Easily Identify No-Charge Time

We have added a new red "N" icon to time records that have been marked "No-Charge", making it easier for you to identify these items on screen lists and reports.

Transfer Retainers between Projects

You can now move retainer balances between projects owned by the same client.

New Start of Week Preference

No longer are you forced to start your timecard week with Sunday. In ArchiOffice 2014, you can control which day of the week is the preferred start day for your firm's timecard and timecard reports. You can change this setting in Preferences>System>Defaults.

Enhanced Billing Summary Screen Report

We have added a menu item to the Action list on the Projects>Billing>Summary screen that will allow you to print a report displaying the information seen on screen.

Print Client Statement Reports from Any Project

There is a new option in the Projects>Billing>Invoices screen to Print Client Statement. This report will not only print out the outstanding invoices for the selected project, but will also show all other projects for that client with outstanding invoices.

Flexible Invoicing

Itemized Invoices with Task and Description

If your projects allow you to create timecard records by selecting from a list of tasks, you can now display both the task and any description that the employee may have added to the record in your itemized invoices. You can control this setting at the project level by going to Projects>Billing>Options>Invoice Format.

Draft Invoices with Watermark

We have made it easier for you to identify a draft invoice from a finalized invoice with the addition of a "Draft" watermark on all draft invoices.

Memorized Invoice Date and Date Range

ArchiOffice 2014 will remember the values of the date fields when creating invoices. So if you are creating invoices for a specific date, you do not have to continually enter the same date each time you create an invoice. Set it once and ArchiOffice 2014 will use that date for each subsequent invoice.

Enhanced Reporting

Filter Reports by Project Leader

We have added the option to sort Project reports by Project Leader. This includes the Profitability reports, as well as the Budget vs. Actual reports.

Date Range Added to Profitability Reports

We have added the ability to select a date range when preparing Profitability reports. No longer do you simply see the current profitability on projects - but you can see it during various stages in the project timeline.

Memorized Output Report Options

If you output your reports to PDF or other formats, ArchiOffice 2014 will remember which format you last used. Therefore, you do not have to select the same option again the next time you create the report.

Sort Billing Reports by Project Status

We have added a new Project Status selection menu to the Billing reports. This allows you to easily run these types of reports for Active, Inactive, or All projects, without ever running a special Search.

Enhanced Bill Statement Report

We have now added a Retainer column to the Bill Statement, making it easy for you to see all transactions (payments, credits and retainers), as well as the Remaining Balance for your client's invoices.

New Project Performance Reports

We have added two new reports: Project Performance Accrued and Project Performance Cash. Both reports will provide you with the valuable financial information found in the Projects>General>Performance screen.