Custom Services

Put our experts to work solving your headaches. We'll take care of you the entire way from evaluating your needs to the final rollout of your custom solution. Your daily details will be taken care of so you can focus on your firm's needs—and not managing this project.

Custom Business Rules

Services range from developing SQL triggers to writing custom applications that automate your business processes. We use open-end architecture which gives us the power to integrate, cross-populate and import data from third party applications.
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Custom Reports and Invoices

Even though our products have tons of standard reports and invoices, sometimes you still need something special. This could be anything from a variation on a standard template to a completely unique report or invoice. With BQE, you have two options. You can make your creation in Crystal Reports (third-party application) if you have the technical skills. Or, we can always take care of it for you at a very reasonable price.

All report/invoice customization work has a Life Time Warranty and is guaranteed to work with all future versions of BQE solutions.
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