Here are some of the questions our support team gets asked frequently.
What is the latest available version of my software?
You can find a list of all the latest version numbers here. We always recommend making sure you're upgraded to the latest version before calling in to Support.
When I start BillQuick, I am asked for a User ID and Password. What should I enter?
If you did not turn the security on and yet you are being prompted to log in, use the default User ID, SUPERVISOR, and default Password, SUPERVISOR, and then click OK. For more information on security and passwords, please see the Security section of the Help File.
What is the first thing I should do when I start BillQuick for the first time?
You can open the sample data file and work with that to get yourself familiar with the product. You can also create a new data file for your company and follow the instruction in our Free Getting Started Guide, located in our Support Section.
I want to install BillQuick on my D drive, but it still copies files to my C drive?
BillQuick copies some driver and library files to your Windows directory. If your Windows directory is on C drive, some files will be copied to your C drive. The program files will be copied to the directory that you specified during installation.
I own two companies. Can I use BillQuick to maintain both companies?
Yes, and the simplest way of doing that is by creating a separate database for each company. If you wish to maintain only one database for both companies, you must create a separate set of invoices, statements and other report files using Crystal Reports for both. You will need to purchase a second license for the other company.
I downloaded BillQuick Lite knowing it is free, but it says that I have 30 days of evaluation left. Why so?
BillQuick actually provides an evaluation copy of its software to the users so that they can evaluate its full functionality. If you requested for the free BillQuick Lite edition, you can continue using it beyond the 30 days.
Is there a way to specify an invoice number that I would like to start with?
Yes, in Global Settings, enter the last invoice number printed, and BillQuick will increment that number one unit when the next invoice is processed. Invoice numbers can also be changed directly in the Invoice Review screen.
Can I prevent users of Microsoft Access from reading my data file?
Microsoft Access has a good security system. Please refer to the Access user manual and activate security within Access to prevent users from reading your data file. The BillQuick data file is password protected, it cannot be opened with Microsoft Access without the password. The default password is admin; and it can be modified in the Global Setting screen.
Can I modify grids in BillQuick?
Yes. You can sort, customize columns, rearrange columns and do many other things with the grids in all BillQuick screens. See the BillQuick Help for more.
Can I turn filters on/off?
Yes you can. Simply check/uncheck the individual filters or use the main Filters On/Off button to do that.
Can I join multiple projects on a single invoice?
Yes, you can join or consolidate multiple projects or project phases on a single invoice in BillQuick. It is referred to as a joint invoice. See the BillQuick Help for more.
Can I add a memo to an invoice?
Yes, you can add memos to invoices in the Billing Review and Invoice Review screens. In fact, you can add two memos to an invoice and choose to show them at the top/bottom of it. See the BillQuick Help for more.
Can I use alphanumeric invoice numbers?
Yes. BillQuick makes it easy to specify your pattern of alpha-numeric invoice sequence in the Global Settings or project screen. Simply enclose the numeric part in curly brackets. E.g. XYZ-5000-2012 would generate invoice numbers XYZ-5000-2005, XYZ-5001-2005, XYZ-5002-2005 etc.
How do I install BillQuick on a network?
BillQuick must be installed on each workstation individually. You can place your company data file on a network folder. Please make sure that all users have Read & Write access to that folder. Installing the BillQuick program to a network drive is not recommended. Only the data file should be on the network drive. BillQuick can also be installed on Terminal Server. This allows users to access the application via Terminal services. In addition BillQuick Web Suite can be installed on a Web server giving access to users via Internet and/or Intranet.
How do I back up BillQuick data files?
"In order to back up BillQuick data files choose Backup from the Utilities menu. You will then be prompted to confirm that you would like to backup files. Choose Yes, to continue with back up, otherwise choose No. The Global Settings provides the option of a Backup Files Reminder. In the Global Settings, choose the frequency at which you would like the reminder displayed. It will then be displayed when you exit BillQuick at the specified time interval. If your data file is stored on a SQL server, please refer to SQL documentation for backup."
Which files do I need to copy to my Laptop for remote use?
BillQuick stores all the company data in a single data file. The file has an extension of MDB. The file name is always displayed at the bottom status bar of the BillQuick screen. If you have archived your data, then you must backup the archive file too. The name of the archive file is same as your data file with a different (.ar*) extension. BillQuick Enterprise edition allows you to create data files on SQL server. Such files should be backed up using the SQL server backup utility.
Can anyone see my password?
BillQuick stores user passwords in the data file in an encrypted format. It is practically impossible to decode the encrypted password. There are over 18 billion combinations to be matched.
Can I change labels and terminology in BillQuick?
Yes. BillQuick gives you the ability to customize the labels, screen titles and custom fields to meet the specific needs of your company. This is accomplished from the Custom Labels screen located under the Settings menu.
Does BillQuick differentiate between expenses reimbursable to the employee and those reimbursable to the company? If so, how?
BillQuick expense entry has two separate attributes:
  • Billable/Non- Billable
  • Reimbursable/ Non-Reimbursable
If an expense entry is billable, then BillQuick will bill it to the client with the assigned markup. Thus, the client shall reimburse the company for it. Non-billable expense is that which a company has to absorb as a part of the contract and will not be billed to the client. In addition to that, you can also mark an expense entry as reimbursable. It is incurred on a project and is reimbursable to the employee. Non-reimbursable expense will not be reimbursable to the employee. An expense entry marked as 'Reimbursable' in BillQuick may not always be billable to the client. E.g., You may want to reimburse your employee for mileage but not bill the client.
Can I flag a project and then have that flag show up on an invoice?
The best solution would be to use one of the Custom fields in the Project screen and have that printed on your invoice. You will have to customize the invoice template using Crystal Reports or have our Report Customization Team do it for you.
What backup data options does BillQuick offer?
BillQuick offers backup utility for MS Access/Standard database. You can set the backup reminder in the Global Settings screen. If you are using SQL database, use the SQL's automatic backup feature. If you are integrating with QuickBooks, you can easily re-sync your data and the missing data will transfer into BillQuick.
Can we customize and name our own job tasks/project phases in BillQuick?
Yes. BillQuick is very flexible and allows you to name your projects just as you want. The Project ID is created from two fields when you create a project record - Code (55 characters) and Phase (9 characters). The Code and Phase are combined with a colon (:) in between to create the Project ID. In addition, the project name can be up to 50 characters.
How flexible is the invoice format in BillQuick?
BillQuick comes with 180 invoice templates that serve almost all your needs. Additional content can be added to standard (or custom) invoices in several ways.
  • You can add your company logo to the invoices.
  • You can specify a message at the company level to be printed on all invoice. You can change it at the client or project level as well.
  • Text entered in a project memo can optionally be printed on invoices.
  • Using Crystal Reports, you can customize BillQuick invoices or have our Report Team design it. You can add text, control the fonts, graphics and other characteristics through customization.
How easy and flawless is it to sync data between BillQuick and QuickBooks? Can it sync invoice attachments?
Data integration between BillQuick and QuickBooks is seamless and comprehensive. Master information, time entries, invoices, payments, etc. can all sync between the two applications, including expenses and vendor bills entered in QuickBooks. These items can be reviewed, approved and included on invoices sent to a client for easier tracking. It is better to attach digital copies of receipts, bills or other files to BillQuick invoices and then sync them with QuickBooks. When you email the invoices, the files are added automatically as attachments (along with the PDF copy of the invoice). If you print an invoice with attachments, the files are printed with the invoice.
Does BillQuick have estimating capabilities?
Estimates and budgets are important features in BillQuick. They represent line item listings of services and expenses along with their respective hours, units and rates. You can convert estimates (bid proposals) into internal budgets, and vice versa. BillQuick includes standard estimate report formats. You can also have a custom report created for the desired proposal template.
We are currently switching over to BillQuick. How do I enter balances from our previous system into BillQuick so they show up on the invoices?
You can use the "Opening Balance" screen to enter your project balances like billed to date, paid to date, etc. You can navigate to the Opening Balance screen from the Project menu > Project Information > History Tab > Opening Balances.
Can I access BillQuick from home if I have already paid for its license in my office?
If you have terminal services account, VPN or any other means to connect to your office network from home, you will be able to access it from there.
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