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Project Management Features

Real-Time Project Performance

Easy-to-understand, accurate and meaningful key performance indicators measure every aspect of your projects, so managers will never be surprised by project cost overruns, poor employee performance or missed deadlines.

Robust Project Accounting

Your ability to run profit and loss analysis by projects will convert your project managers into business managers. Measuring profitability at the project level results in significant increase in the overall profits and client satisfaction.

Intelligent Resource Management

Smart resource allocation tools and an interactive Gantt chart give you complete control of project schedules and staff workload. Employees are automatically notified, so work gets done on time and within the allocated hours.

Amazing Features

Automatic Billing

Create invoices in CORE automatically based on the schedule and frequency you like. Reduce cash flow headaches by ensuring invoices are prepared, reviewed and received by your client on time, every time.

Customizable Invoice Templates

Customize over 20 standard invoice templates to satisfy nearly every need. You will never ever have to manually create invoices by hand. Fully customizable invoice templates available for a nominal fee.

Multiple Contract Types

Hourly, fixed fee, cost plus, unit cost and percentage contract types are standard. Create a single invoice using multiple contract types. Easily separate basic from additional services. Complex billing methods available.

Recurring Invoices

Set up a schedule that runs on a specified frequency for fixed fee contract types and retainers. You can even schedule automatic invoices that will vary the value depending on the billable time and expenses.

Email Invoices with ePayment

Improve cash flow by sending invoices via email immediately after approval. A PDF of the invoice and supporting files (expense receipts), are attached. With ePayments enabled, clients can pay electronically.

Billing Schedules

Create schedules for expected and milestone billings for projects, calculating the values based on fixed amounts or percentage of total contract - with the option to apply retainer balance to the invoice.

Split Billing

Popular in the legal industry, split an invoice among various parties and track payments individually. Distribute services and/or expenses to one or more clients based on a percentage of the total invoice.

Submit and Approve Workflow

For increased accountability and control, use the submit and approve workflow to route draft invoices to the appropriate contacts. Automatically finalize invoices and have them emailed to the client upon approval.

Manage Invoices on CORE Mobile

There's no need to be at a computer in order to create new invoices, review existing ones and handle accounts receivable. CORE Mobile handles just about everything from anywhere.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.


CORE includes flexible and customizable invoicing.


See how CORE allows you to manage open invoices, including accepting payments, editing invoice memos, modifying existing invoices, emailing invoices, approving draft invoice, processing late fees and more.



Tracey P.

Business Manager

"Timeslips lacked sophistication causing us to do a lot of duplicate data entry each month to prepare client invoices the way we wanted them. BQE CORE has enabled us to be more efficient and to get our billing done in half the time. BQE CORE's flexibility also enables us to use several different contract types for the same project, which meets our client's demands."


Laura D.

Business Manager

"We switched to CORE to make sure all our employees have a one centralized software for time and expense tracking. Our staff is enjoying as it works really well."


Laura S.


"A little over one year back as we started up our new business I was researching for the best accounting, time and expense tracking and billing software. I selected BQE CORE because it had an intuitive interface, easy reporting and it was on cloud."


Kimberly P.

Business Manager

"It provides us with a single source to record employee time. With the mobile app, our partners access CORE data anytime, anywhere, and can record travel expenses directly from their smartphones."

No One Can Beat Our Pricing

Only Pay for What You Need

CORE is built on a flexible, "pay as you need" pricing structure, which means you only pay for the features you and your staff actually use.

"CORE will pay for itself in less than three months by increasing your productivity and billing."

Mark Khurshid

VP of Training & Consulting

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