BillQuick Productivity Package

BillQuick Productivity Package

Productivity Milestones

  • You will be implementing the 'Best Practices' in your business processes.
  • BillQuick will be optimized to your company needs.
  • Our experts will stay on the job until the productivity optimization is complete and you are up and running with BillQuick at its full potential.

Productivity Package Overcomes Challenges

The Productivity Package ensures you the full potential of BillQuick. While we optimize your time tracking, expense tracking, billing and business management process, you, your staff and your managers can continue to provide professional services to your clients without any disruption or loss of billable hours.

What does the Productivity Package include?

  1. Single Point of Contact
    We will assign you a dedicated specialist to work with you from day one. The assigned specialist manages optimization from start to finish.
  2. Needs Analysis
    Knowing your business, procedures and special issues is the first job in developing an efficient, effective Optimization Plan. During interviews your Optimization Manager identifies key milestones such as:
    • Next scheduled billing with BillQuick
    • Training for staff and managers
    • Integration with QuickBooks or Peachtree
    • Add-on deployment for maximum effect
  3. Develop Timeline
    Using the Needs Analysis, your Optimization Manager prepares a full optimization plan covering everything that needs to be done. Each optimization task focuses on meeting the milestones and ultimately, optimizing BillQuick to your firm. The Optimization Manager schedules and coordinates BQE resources, your resources and (as needed) third-party resources to achieve quality results and meet key milestones.

    A typical optimization process takes 2 to 5 weeks; however, actual time may be shorter or longer depending on a company's situation.
  4. Software Installation
    BillQuick Consultants oversee or carry out installation and configuration of BillQuick Desktop, Web Suite, Agent, Outlook Add-In and other modules. If you don't have an IT person, our Consultants will install web server software, configure routers, and make other adjustments to ensure the environment is right for your software.
  5. Custom Invoice Templates
    Included in the Optimization Package, are two free invoice templates to meet your business specific needs.
  6. Accounting Integration
    We will integrate BillQuick to supported accounting packages. For example, a BillQuick Consultant will integrate QuickBooks with BillQuick - all clients, jobs, employees, vendors, service items, expense items, time, expenses, invoices and payments. Your QuickBooks and BillQuick files are ready to use.

    If needed, our BillQuick Consultants and Certified Trainers will help you setup 'best practice' procedures for integrating with your accounting software.
  7. Training
    BillQuick Certified Trainers teach your staff and managers 'best practice' usage of BillQuick modules. There is less frustration across your company because learning is not 'as time permits' but guided and efficient. You build confidence and comfort faster.

    The Productivity Package includes training for:
    • Billing staff
    • QuickBooks Staff
    • Project managers
    • Executives
    • 'Train-the-trainer' for tracking time and expenses
  8. Final Optimization
    Your Deployment Manager ensures BillQuick is setup and ready for staff to record their time and expenses via BillQuick or Web Suite. This includes security permissions so the right people can access the right capabilities to fulfill their responsibilities.
  9. Billing Process
    The BillQuick Productivity Package goes beyond just training. For your next billing a  BillQuick Certified Trainer works with your team as they do billing. The Trainer works with your billing staff to ensure they understand the process and implement best practices. More importantly they will learn how to get billing done accurately and in less time.
  10. Post Implementation Follow-Up
    The Deployment Manager and other BQE resources follow up weekly during the month following the billing. We help you overcome last minute challenges and ensure BillQuick is doing well in your company.

How much does the Productivity Package cost?

Cost varies based on the size of your business. Please call us today to get the exact quote.

BillQuick Productivity Package

Bottom Line

The BillQuick Productivity Package ensures minimal impact on billable and productive hours. There is virtually no risk to your cash flow because we hand-hold you through every aspect of implementation, and follow-up to solidify procedures. Productivity boosts come in weeks, not months.

You will have greater confidence that the optimization is done right. Ultimately, you save time, effort and money while speeding up your return on investment.