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Webinar: Aligning Your Firm to the CORE: How to Create Core Values & Mission Statement

Wednesday, October, 18th, 2023 | 1PM ET | 10AM PT | Register Now

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Smarter decisions at a glance.

Get the actionable insights you need with customizable dashboards and automatic reports.


Get deep visibility into every area of your firm, exactly when you need it

Fountainhead AE Financial Dashboard
  • Customize dashboards to your specific needs.
  • Export customizable reports to PDFs, Word docs, or Excel files.
  • View breakdowns of utilization, realization, and billable work for employees and consultants.
  • Take action quickly with easy-to-understand reports.
  • Get better insights from comprehensive financial and operational data.
  • Manage everything with full functionality from the BQE CORE mobile app for more freedom and flexibility.

Analyze performance data quickly with automatic reports

Reports Overview
  • Keep key players in-the-loop more easily with flexible automated sharing options.
  • Automatically schedule and send reports to staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

Increase your bottom line with real-time visibility

  • Prevent loss by quickly viewing profitability, P&L, and other key financial insights.
  • Increase revenue — track missed billing and work-in-progress value with our permission-driven unbilled time widget.
  • Quickly compare current income with last year’s statements with a permission-driven P&L comparison widget.

Empower your decision-making.


"Dashboards are an amazing quick view of an overall snapshot of what is going on. I love the ability to customize and set up multiple dashboards for Accounting, HR, Project Management, etc. The ability to fine-tune a time period is one of the best features. Time Sheets are easy to use for staff with minimal training."

Kat F-

"Going to BQE CORE was a great change for our firm. We have found that keeping our worked hours and expenses has been much easier for staff, and project management has improved. It still seems that we keep finding great new features. Worth the change."

Brian W.-

" We're a small firm that varies in size and BQE CORE allows the flexibility to expand and contract and provide our staff the tools to manage their workflow, work within budgeted fees and time allocation, and track milestones and progress of project delivery. While many simply clock in, they don't monitor their progress and CORE provides a daily snapshot of time management and meeting project schedules, while I was the principal of design can do more of that…design! "

Irving A. G-

"We previously used ArchiOffice and were looking for a software program that would give us greater visibility into how we are doing from a project perspective, and BQE CORE does this. It is really easy for staff to enter their time - either in the office or in a mobile situation - and the ability to convert timed work into a time entry is great. You can't beat a knowledgeable customer service department like BQE CORE and the fact that they are available 24/7 means that you can get answers to your questions at any time of the day or night."

Felice G-

"BQE CORE is used in the company mainly to track time spent working on projects for third-party companies so we can bill them for that time. It's easy to track time with this tool due to its simplicity; it's been a breeze to integrate it with the flow of each employee who needs to use it with minimal effort in training. BQE CORE is a great tool for big teams."

Gerardo Mares S-

"BQE CORE timekeeping platform helps us address past problems of being able to accurately account for earned revenue with no extra administrative cost. Being able to invoice out of our timekeeping platform has helped us address a lot of past issues and keep our aged A/R low. BQE CORE's direct connect API into PowerBI is a game-changer as well. We can create customized dashboards that are key to our business operation and can provide live intel to our leadership. BQE customer service support is excellent as well, anytime we have a need or an issue, BQE is quick to address the problem."

Mike C-

"We use BQE CORE for Project Management, Time & Expense tracking, Accounting and Billing, Human Resources and as a CRM Platform. Being able to input information into one platform for use across many different modules saves time and energy on our administrative staff. All of the data is tracked and displayed in efficient widgets and customizable dashboards. The customized reports are very helpful as well. You can drill down all or only what you want to see. Customer service is responsive and able to sort out issues quickly."

Lyn T-

"It is ideal for billable hours companies. It tracks progress extremely efficiently for a company that has multiple ongoing jobs concurrently, and a variety of employees who may just happen to be working on said jobs at once (or at different times during different days and weeks, month to month). This program is flawless."

Jacob H-

"We utilize BQE CORE to track hours, manage projects, and organize our work. The ease of use and access we have to monitor our utilization is amazing; the ability to compile reports from time entry memos makes project closeout a breeze. Specifically, BQE CORE is just a massive time saver and the additional widgets allow for monitoring of individual employee metrics (utilization rates, budget, etc.) which has really been an eye-opener."

Russell B-

"I utilize BQE CORE for many Accounts Payable functions. Its streamlined program makes my job so much easier. I've worked with several accounting software over my career. BQE CORE is one of my favorites. It's very easy to use, and will make things so much easier. Looking forward to more upgrades and additional modules."

Dawn S-

"I use BQE CORE weekly to enter my time, expenses and forecast. This tool makes it easy for everyone to enter their key data points for time, expense, forecasts, etc. This tool is so easy to use. It makes the process of entering time and other necessary information our company requires."

Oluseni S-

"BQE CORE is great for all-time tracking and billing tracking. The expense and travel [functions are] also very easy to navigate. The client selection is also very user-friendly, when you type in only one letter every client with that letter populates. BQE CORE offers great customer service as well, any issues, and they are solved immediately."

Basile H-


How much does BQE CORE cost?

Our pricing varies based upon the modules you require and the number of users who will need to access BQE CORE. If you submit a pricing request, a member of our team will follow up asap to provide you with an exact quote!

Can I see how BQE CORE works before I purchase?

Yes! We offer a free demo that takes you through our platform so you can see all of our features firsthand and learn more about how they can benefit your firm.

How much does training cost?

We offer a variety of live and on-demand training courses that are absolutely free for BQE CORE customers! Our instructor-led courses are designed for easy learning to help with a successful implementation. Every new BQE customer also receives 4 hours of complimentary one-on-one training and can purchase additional hours if need be.

Do you offer support?

We have an award-winning team that offers the very best in customer support. Give us a call or email us and we’ll help you get the full support you need to get the most out of BQE CORE.

Support is available 24/7/365.

Can I receive support during my BQE CORE trial?

Absolutely! Our full support is available to you any time during your trial. Give us a call at +1 (310) 602-4030 or email at support@bqe.com.

Do I need to download BQE CORE?

BQE CORE is a 100% cloud-hosted application, so there is never a need to download any software. You can access the platform from any internet browser, or download the app for your mobile devices on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your BQE CORE subscription anytime your plan ends by simply not renewing it. However, you cannot cancel before the expiration date. If you’re set up for our convenient auto renewal, you can easily disable that option at any time. And don’t worry, you can continue using your subscription through the expiration date.