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Webinar: Billing & Invoicing Best Practices for AE Firms
Thursday, July 25th, 2024 | 1PM ET | 10AM PT | Register Now

See how BQE CORE can help your firm

Click through our interactive tour below to see how BQE CORE provides back office automation
to power front office insights and make firm management more agile, informed, and data driven.


An all-in-one platform that unifies your front and back office

  • ItemMaster your consulting firm’s efficiency with integrated front office (project management, CRM) and back office (time and expense tracking, invoicing, electronic payments, accounting, and HR) features.
  • Item-1Oversee your firm’s operations from any location with BQE CORE’s best-in-class mobile app. 

Make more informed decisions with real-time KPIs

  • ItemMerge project accounting with project management for an inside look into the financial implications of decision-making.
  • Item-1View your firm’s key data and project performance with always up-to-date dashboards.
  • Easily understand vital metrics, such as overhead, GA, fringe, utilization, realization, runway, and profitability. 

Give project managers the tools and insights they need

  • ItemIntegrate project accounting and management tools so project managers can focus on true P&L.
  • Item-1Access real-time views into every-level of profitability, including firm, client, project, phase, and employee.
  • Fully optimize P&L for improved profitability.
  • Item-2Account for every billable hour and expense through BQE CORE’s smart time tracking and automated expense capture/mapping feature. 

Deliver projects on time and on budget, every time

  • ItemStay within budget, improve team performance and never miss a deadline with real-time performance visibility at every phase. 
  • Item-1Cut manual processes and focus more on project delivery when you automate time tracking, invoicing, and reporting. 
  • Easily monitor utilization so your team is never over or under-worked. 

Reduce costs and wasted time with automation

  • ItemSave hours each week by streamlining operations through automated time/expense tracking and invoicing. 
  • Item-1Share flexible, automated reports for a better-informed team. 
  • Receive payments on-time and improve cash flow by integrating ePayments into automated invoices. 

Create your invoicing to match unique project needs

  • ItemEasily manage and invoice phased projects using percent-complete values. 
  • Item-1Customize individual invoices by splitting basic services from extra services. 
  • Incorporate all standard contract types (hourly, fixed fee, cost plus, unit cost, and percentage) on a single invoice. 

Highly ranked & widely acclaimed

Winning is in our business. Over 50,000 users trust BQE's award-winning software to streamline their business processes and increase their profitability potential. Don’t believe us? Book your personalized demo today.

What Our Clients Say

"Dashboards are an amazing quick view of an overall snapshot of what is going on. I love the ability to customize and set up multiple dashboards for Accounting, HR, Project Management, etc. The ability to fine-tune a time period is one of the best features. Time Sheets are easy to use for staff with minimal training."

Kat F - Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.

"Going to BQE CORE was a great change for our firm. We have found that keeping our worked hours and expenses has been much easier for staff, and project management has improved. It still seems that we keep finding great new features. Worth the change."

Brian W - Align Architecture & Planning, PLC

"We're a small firm that varies in size and BQE CORE allows the flexibility to expand and contract and provide our staff the tools to manage their workflow, work within budgeted fees and time allocation, and track milestones and progress of project delivery. While many simply clock in, they don't monitor their progress and CORE provides a daily snapshot of time management and meeting project schedules, while I was the principal of design can do more of that…design! "

Irving A. G - G7A | Architecture + Urban

"BQE CORE is used in the company mainly to track time spent working on projects for third-party companies so we can bill them for that time. It's easy to track time with this tool due to its simplicity; it's been a breeze to integrate it with the flow of each employee who needs to use it with minimal effort in training. BQE CORE is a great tool for big teams."

Gerardo Mares S - Tech Mahindra

"We use BQE CORE for Project Management, Time & Expense tracking, Accounting and Billing, Human Resources and as a CRM Platform. Being able to input information into one platform for use across many different modules saves time and energy on our administrative staff. All of the data is tracked and displayed in efficient widgets and customizable dashboards. The customized reports are very helpful as well. You can drill down all or only what you want to see. Customer service is responsive and able to sort out issues quickly."

Lyn T - Kurt Fischer Structural Engineering

"It is ideal for billable hours companies. It tracks progress extremely efficiently for a company that has multiple ongoing jobs concurrently, and a variety of employees who may just happen to be working on said jobs at once (or at different times during different days and weeks, month to month). This program is flawless."

Jacob H - Kurt Fischer Structural Engineering

"We utilize BQE CORE to track hours, manage projects, and organize our work. The ease of use and access we have to monitor our utilization is amazing; the ability to compile reports from time entry memos makes project closeout a breeze. Specifically, BQE CORE is just a massive time saver and the additional widgets allow for monitoring of individual employee metrics (utilization rates, budget, etc.) which has really been an eye-opener."

Russell B - Goldstream Engineering

"I utilize BQE CORE for many Accounts Payable functions. Its streamlined program makes my job so much easier. I've worked with several accounting software over my career. BQE CORE is one of my favorites. It's very easy to use, and will make things so much easier. Looking forward to more upgrades and additional modules."

Dawn S - DOAR

"BQE CORE is great for all-time tracking and billing tracking. The expense and travel [functions are] also very easy to navigate. The client selection is also very user-friendly, when you type in only one letter every client with that letter populates. BQE CORE offers great customer service as well, any issues, and they are solved immediately."

Basile H - Reedy Financial Group P.C.

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Have questions for us?

Why Do I Need Project Management Software for my Consulting Firm?

Project management software for consultants helps firms effectively manage teams and deliver better projects. Whether you’re an environmental consultant, IT consultant, or general consultant, project tracking software like BQE CORE allows you to set up tasks that can be assigned automatically, allocate resources, and easily track milestones across every project phase. 
Benefits of project management software for consultants include: 

- Meeting milestones and deadlines 

- Increased profitability 

- Improved task execution 

- Staying within budget 

- Heightened client satisfaction 

- Improved data analysis 

- Time savings

How Does Consulting Software Improve Communication?

Consulting project management software (PM software) makes it easy to keep in touch with all stakeholders for effective communication. Consulting PM software helps your consulting firm improve collaboration by joining clients, project teams, and other departments together in one easy to use platform. 
Automation in PM software makes communication effortless and more detailed for consulting firms. BQE CORE’s accounting and project management software for consulting firms, lets you automatically receive updates and save time on billing clients, forecasting financials, and managing your budgets. 

Do Consulting Firms Need Time Tracking Software?

Time and billing software is incredibly popular for the consulting industry. Time tracking software for consultants helps firms increase their overall productivity and keep projects moving forward and on time.  

 When you use a time tracking app, this allows you to capture every second spent on a project, so your consulting firm accurately invoices clients and tracks its billable vs. non-billable time.