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Streamline time tracking

  • ItemExpedite payroll and invoicing with smart timecards and pre-populated timesheets that include customizable date ranges.
  • Item-1Copy timesheets easily to eliminate manual entry.
  • ItemGuarantee time tracking is 100% DCAA compliant.
  • Item-1Track time and expenses from anywhere via the web and BQE CORE mobile app.

Save time and money with paperless expense tracking

  • ItemEffortlessly track and link all travel expenses and receipts to their respective projects for streamlined accounting and billing.
  • Item-1Photo-upload receipts easily to create a digital expense record that includes tax and expense type.

Capture and track every billable hour for increased profitability

  • ItemEnable our convenient reminders for faster, more accurate timekeeping.
  • Item-1Accurately track time for projects, overhead, and time off.
  • Capture time down to the second with easy-to-use, pause-and-play timers connected to timecards.

Highly ranked & widely acclaimed

Winning is in our business. Over 50,000 users trust BQE's award-winning software to streamline their business processes and increase their profitability potential. Don’t believe us? Book your personalized demo today.

What Our Clients Say

"Dashboards are an amazing quick view of an overall snapshot of what is going on. I love the ability to customize and set up multiple dashboards for Accounting, HR, Project Management, etc. The ability to fine-tune a time period is one of the best features. Time Sheets are easy to use for staff with minimal training."

Kat F - Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc.

"Going to BQE CORE was a great change for our firm. We have found that keeping our worked hours and expenses has been much easier for staff, and project management has improved. It still seems that we keep finding great new features. Worth the change."

Brian W - Align Architecture & Planning, PLC

"We're a small firm that varies in size and BQE CORE allows the flexibility to expand and contract and provide our staff the tools to manage their workflow, work within budgeted fees and time allocation, and track milestones and progress of project delivery. While many simply clock in, they don't monitor their progress and CORE provides a daily snapshot of time management and meeting project schedules, while I was the principal of design can do more of that…design! "

Irving A. G - G7A | Architecture + Urban

"BQE CORE is used in the company mainly to track time spent working on projects for third-party companies so we can bill them for that time. It's easy to track time with this tool due to its simplicity; it's been a breeze to integrate it with the flow of each employee who needs to use it with minimal effort in training. BQE CORE is a great tool for big teams."

Gerardo Mares S - Tech Mahindra

"We use BQE CORE for Project Management, Time & Expense tracking, Accounting and Billing, Human Resources and as a CRM Platform. Being able to input information into one platform for use across many different modules saves time and energy on our administrative staff. All of the data is tracked and displayed in efficient widgets and customizable dashboards. The customized reports are very helpful as well. You can drill down all or only what you want to see. Customer service is responsive and able to sort out issues quickly."

Lyn T - Kurt Fischer Structural Engineering

"It is ideal for billable hours companies. It tracks progress extremely efficiently for a company that has multiple ongoing jobs concurrently, and a variety of employees who may just happen to be working on said jobs at once (or at different times during different days and weeks, month to month). This program is flawless."

Jacob H - Kurt Fischer Structural Engineering

"We utilize BQE CORE to track hours, manage projects, and organize our work. The ease of use and access we have to monitor our utilization is amazing; the ability to compile reports from time entry memos makes project closeout a breeze. Specifically, BQE CORE is just a massive time saver and the additional widgets allow for monitoring of individual employee metrics (utilization rates, budget, etc.) which has really been an eye-opener."

Russell B - Goldstream Engineering

"I utilize BQE CORE for many Accounts Payable functions. Its streamlined program makes my job so much easier. I've worked with several accounting software over my career. BQE CORE is one of my favorites. It's very easy to use, and will make things so much easier. Looking forward to more upgrades and additional modules."

Dawn S - DOAR

"BQE CORE is great for all-time tracking and billing tracking. The expense and travel [functions are] also very easy to navigate. The client selection is also very user-friendly, when you type in only one letter every client with that letter populates. BQE CORE offers great customer service as well, any issues, and they are solved immediately."

Basile H - Reedy Financial Group P.C.

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Have questions for us?

How Do I Get Employees to Submit a Timesheet?

Getting employees to submit their timesheets promptly is a constant struggle, but adopting a user-friendly program to track expenses makes it easier. Timesheet and expenses software like BQE CORE gives your team remote access to record their time and expenses from anywhere, sends them automated reminders, and pre-populates timesheets with their tasks.

Beyond equipping employees with software that helps them be proactive about timesheets, your firm can also improve its time and expense reporting by:

- Setting clear policies and guidelines
- Making daily time tracking mandatory
- Letting employees bill you for time and expense entry activity (with CORE, it only takes 1-2 minutes)
- Offering incentives
- Making timesheet completion part of performance reviews

Implementing the best time and expense software for your firm can actually motivate your employees to track their time and submit timesheets on time because it’s a record of how productive they were during that period. They can use their timesheets to show how they contributed to profitability or demonstrate that they need support from other team members to complete tasks more efficiently.

Encouraging team members to use smart timecards adds efficiency to your firm’s time and expense billing processes and provides you with timesheet data that helps you make informed decisions about performance. Read our blog post on How to Get Employees to Submit Timesheets for more tips.

Why Do I Need Time Tracking Software if I Use Spreadsheets?

Using spreadsheets for time tracking is not as precise or efficient as using time and expense management software. 80% of timesheets are inaccurate, which means your firm needs all of the help it can get to ensure your payroll and billing are correct.

Spreadsheets require employees to track time manually, adding another low-value administrative task to their plate. These tasks can add up to make your employees feel frustrated and under-utilized. And the more complicated your tracking processes are, the less likely your staff is to complete them on time, causing delays in your firm’s billing.

Transitioning from spreadsheets to time tracking software enables you to automate mundane tasks, set up easy-to-follow standards, access real-time performance data, and eliminate reporting errors. You can further level up your time tracking processes by choosing a platform specifically for your industry, such as BQE CORE’s time and expense software for accountants. CORE shows you exactly how your team’s time is spent, so you identify areas for improvement, better allocate resources, and remove inefficiencies to always finish projects on time.

Is Time Tracking Software Easy for Employees?

Yes, an expense tracking system is easy for employees to learn and saves them significant time and hassle in their routine. Instead of spending substantial chunks of time manually tracking hours and updating timecards, employees only spend 1-2 minutes/day with time tracking software. It also provides them with information they can use, including how productive they are and where they can further enhance their skills.

Your firm’s HR, payroll, and accounting staff benefit from time tracking and expense billing software because it automates and streamlines the process of approving project expenses, finalizing payroll, and sending invoices.