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Webinar: Aligning Your Firm to the CORE: How to Create Core Values & Mission Statement

Wednesday, October, 18th, 2023 | 1PM ET | 10AM PT | Register Now

Case studies

We’re excited to showcase our customers and their stories of achievement using BQE CORE.

Learn how BQE customers build better projects and improve their firm’s profitability.


Watts & Browning

Watts & Browning Engineers switches from clunky, outdated software to BQE and regains hours in their busy day.

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Infinity Engineering Consultants

Infinity Engineering Consultants uses BQE to scale new company growth and manage multiple complex projects.

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iT Architecture

iT Architecture's remote team finds huge success using BQE's cloud platform to receive instant updates and vital backups.

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Winter Holben Architecture

Winter Holben Architecture eliminates time-consuming manual processes and reduces hours of heavy workload by using BQE.

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GCG Associates

GCG Associates easily manages projects and reduces their invoicing process workload by 10% with BQE's centralized system.

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The W2 Group

The W2 Group receives deeper insights into which projects and clients are the most profitable by using BQE.

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AB Design Studio

AB Design Studio uses BQE to spend less time on spreadsheets and more time on project delivery.

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Globex Corporation

Globex Corporation finds success managing global currency and time tracking with BQE.

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Materials Testing & Consulting

Materials Testing & Consulting discovers missing revenue and saves hours on batching invoices with BQE.

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Purpose Works Consulting

Purpose Works Consulting finds the perfect consultancy model and excellent customer support with BQE.

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Eagle Engineering

Eagle Engineering saves hours using BQE CORE to eliminate manual time tracking and invoicing.

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Goldstream Engineering

Goldstream Engineering finds remote work success and improved employee accessibility with BQE CORE.

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SSA Design + Consulting

Foodservice design and consulting firm saves time and increase cash flow with BQE ePayments.

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Javad Ahmad PE, Inc (JAPE) scales rapidly and stays connected as a remote team using BQE CORE.

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Verdis Engineering

Verdis Engineering adopted BQE CORE and revolutionized their time tracking and data entry processes.

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Pierpont Communications

With BQE CORE, Pierpont streamlined multiple processes that ultimate resulted in boosted performance and maximized profits.

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