HR Software That Frees You to Focus on the "Human" in Human Resources

BQE CORE HR automates and streamlines people management, so you can maintain compliance and focus on developing your talent.

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Automate and Simplify Those Never-Ending Admin Tasks

CORE HR can help you automate:
  • Benefit management
  • Paid time-off balance
  • Salary history tracking
  • Employee incidents and milestones
  • Performance reviews

Focus on the Strategic Growth of Your Organization

95% of our users said CORE HR cuts hours of their time spent on paperwork, leaving more time for meaningful activities, such as management and mentorship.
When you’re not bogged down by all those repetitive and routine administrative HR tasks, you’re free to focus on developing your organization and people.

Manage Your Critical Compliance Records and HR Paperwork

Say goodbye to the mess and hassle of paper files.
CORE is an HR management software that allows you to easily store and manage all of your HR records, documents, and forms from one secure, digital location.

Stay Competitive With Accurate Compensation Management

CORE HR tracks items such as salary history and benefits in a way that's simple and smart.
The software aggregates these factors and calculates their output to show you the full-year cost of each employee, so you have a clear picture of your investment.

Improve Retention With Better Employee Performance Reviews

If employees don’t get frequent opportunities to learn and grow, chances are they’ll go somewhere that does.
Features such as an employee journal allow you to track outstanding achievements, identify areas of improvement, log conversation notes, and measure performance over time.

Automatically Track & Unlock Benefits

Employee benefits can be difficult to manually track for firms that use and accrual process. CORE HR is a benefits tracker that simplifies this process.
The HR software automatically tracks paid time off, adjusts balances accordingly, and calculates benefits earnings so you can reduce the risk of violating labor laws.

See What People Love About CORE HR

"We enjoy the flexibility. It allows us to utilize the functionality we need without being forced to use or pay for features that don't apply to our unique business."

Jeff Baltz, C-P Systems

"Without people, we don't have a business, so making their lives and our own should be a priority. CORE HR has made this very simple."

Leslie Shiner, The Shiner Group

"There isn't an HR solution, or a solution in general, that I can manage all parts of my business from in one tool."

Geni Whitehouse, BD Co.

Free Yourself From Typical HR Software.
Introducing CORE HR, People Management Made Easy.