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BQE CORE Project Management Features

Project Accounting

Your ability to run profit and loss analysis by projects will convert your project managers into business managers. Measuring profitability at the project level results in a significant increase in the overall profits and client satisfaction.

Resource Management

Smart resource allocation tools and an interactive Gantt chart give you complete control of project schedules and staff workload. Employees are automatically notified, so work gets done on time and within the allocated hours.

Automated Reporting

A project tracking software tool tracks your team's performance on a project and visualizes progress through built-in reporting. Switching to digital reporting allows for easier updates and better-quality control, without the hassle and clutter of physical report sheets. Learn more about Automated Reporting.

Fully Integrated Solution - Ready for One Project Management Tool
that Does it All?

The Future of Accounting

All-in-One Project Management Platform

Every project needs a sturdy foundation. Instead of working with multiple apps, why not make it easier and work all in one? CORE is an innovative, real-time project management software that includes time and expense tracking, project monitoring, performance dashboards, budget and accounting management, utomated invoicing, billing, and more.

The Future of Accounting

Designed by Architects and Engineers

Why waste time working with a project planning software that doesn’t understand the unique needs of your firm? CORE makes it accessible and seamless to monitor progress, automate reporting, and align team members because it was designed for the AE and professional industries by a team that knows exactly what you need to maximize your firm’s profits.

The Future of Accounting

Automatic Report Delivery

Never worry about not having the information you need when you need it ever again. CORE's scheduled reports let you receive the exact reports the way you want them when you want them. Our smart system means eliminating time-consuming spreadsheets and multiple software platforms for easy report creation and delivery.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Why Should You Care

It's time for something better. Your managers don't have the info they need. Invoicing takes too long and it's hard to get information about performance. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to do everything in your firm.

Project Management, Accounting & Business Intelligence

Do you get to focus your time on the things that you value? Are you distracted by clutter and repetition? Make tedious work a thing of the past and get real visibility into your firm so you can focus on being productive.

Customer Testimonials

Wakif B.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"I feel liberated with CORE."

"CORE has met our firms needs and has delivered on every aspect of CRM and Project Management. In my capacity as an Accounts Manager, I feel liberated to access critical client data in real time. Ability to update the CORE database remotely from multiple devices has increased efficiency and productivity for the Finance & Accounting Dept. Seamless integration across one interface has been a game changer for project management. Collaboration, time and expense entries and accessing overall health of projects is readily available. Key performance indicators and customizable dashboards offers the foodies who eat with their eyes an appetizing experience using CORE."

Joelle F.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"Ease of Use for AP/AR."

"Ease of use for AP and AR as well as for project tracking. We are able to easily set up new projects and clients and schedule them for billing. It's also been a valuable tool for tracking employee time spent on each project for cost analysis. The best part of the program is the customer service that comes with it - the product wouldn't be set apart without it. BQE CORE has outstanding customer service!!! Rare find these days and very much appreciated by us!"

Ryan R.


5 star rating

"We are enjoying working in CORE!"

"Time and expense, project management and billing features in CORE have definitely helped us solve problems. Most importantly providing detailed work instructions and budgets to our team. CORE is really helping us manage time and expense tracking. On the project management side we can easily forecast capacity in hours and can create detailed estimates with minimal efforts. Billing process is easy and intuitive as we can provide clients with a detailed invoicing if required. Ability to manage subcontractors pretty much like our employees is very helpful. Last but not the least we are enjoying excellent customer service and support."


CORE makes data entry a thing of the past through integrations with popular software
like QuickBooks Online, Dropbox, and more.

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What if I don't Use Project Management Software?
Without project performance tools, your firm may be working inefficiently, costing you time and money, and impacting the quality of your work. Each project has several stakeholders, collaborators, and phases, so it’s natural for teams to need a little help planning and executing their work.

If you continue to work without practice management software, you put your firm at risk of lost time, communication issues, cost overruns, errors and rework, a lack of data and analytics, delays, and an unmotivated team.

By adopting a project management platform, you equip your firm with real-time data that helps you make more informed business decisions, a visualization of project progress, transparency and accountability across the team, and reminders about crucial upcoming tasks and deadlines.

To ease the challenges of planning and monitoring projects, we’ve made it easy to understand the numerous benefits of project tracking software, which features are most impactful, and how to choose the right software for your needs. PM software will help your firm avoid costly mistakes and enable you to improve your project delivery to clients.
How Do I Manage My Project's Progress?
Project scheduling software helps you establish a framework to measure progress and communicate it across your project team. Starting each project with a kickoff and scheduling recurring check-ins (ideally weekly) provides built-in time to check in on project progress to see if you’re right on track or falling behind. By keeping an eye on progress, you can adjust as soon as you realize you're behind schedule or over budget.

Using a project management platform helps you track and visualize KPIs, with features like customizable dashboards and analytics reports that you tailor to your firm’s needs. Once you determine the most critical metrics and financials to track, you can set up your project management software to automatically generate reports and send them to project collaborators. This ensures everyone has access to the data they need and is on the same page.

Tools built into PM software, like time and expense tracking, provide data on how productive employees are and how much work goes into a project. These insights allow you to offer any additional training that's needed, optimize your workflows, and plan more accurately for the next project.
How Do I Manage Scope Creep with Project Management?
Projects rarely go exactly the way we intend. Once a project is in progress, perhaps you discover that you need to make some tweaks, or a client requests changes. It’s best to be transparent with your client about the effect their requests may have on the project’s timeline, budget, or results, to ensure everyone’s on the same page about how to handle changes.

Scope creep occurs when work expands beyond what was planned, including projected time, budget, or labor. It’s very common and can cause projects to fail, but it is avoidable and fixable, especially when using modern project management tools like what’s available from BQE.

To prevent scope creep, you should clearly define a project's scope upfront, know the early signs of scope creep, and have a backup plan or steps to descope. Establishing a framework to help you prioritize and make decisions around the project scope will help you stay on track to hit your targets.

Project planning software helps you avoid scope creep by streamlining your processes and helping you recognize issues early on. It also makes it simpler for you to communicate updates to all project collaborators and stakeholders.