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BQE CORE Features for Engineers

Real-Time Monitoring for Every Project

CORE provides accurate and meaningful KPIs to measure every aspect of your engineering projects. Full access and instant data ensure no surprise cost overruns, poor employee performance, or missed deadlines.

Robust Project Accounting to Measure Profitability

CORE shows which projects bring in the most profits during every stage while giving you the insight to control your spending. Witness a significant increase in overall profits and high client satisfaction when you measure profitability at the project level. 


CORE provides phased project management and demonstrates how invoicing, based on percent-complete values, is best achieved. Not only do we do it right, but we also automate it for you – improving your cash flow and efficiency overall.

Fully Integrated Solution - More Power for Your Engineering Firm

The Future of Accounting

All-in-One Platform

Manage successful projects on one dashboard. CORE's smart platform includes time and expense tracking, project monitoring, performance dashboards, budget and accounting management, automated invoicing and billing, and more.

The Future of Accounting

Designed for Engineers by Engineers

CORE is designed for engineers by engineers, making it easy to check progress, automate reporting, align team members, and maximize your firm’s profits. Not all project management software is built to manage your scope of work. Save time and choose a platform that knows your industry’s specific needs.

The Future of Accounting

Automatic Report Delivery

CORE’s reporting system is automatic and easy to manage so you can fully cut out time-consuming manual processes. Scheduled reports deliver the exact reports when you want them, so projects continue moving quickly without delay.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Creating Invoices In CORE

CORE includes flexible and customizable invoicing. Produce all your invoices at once using the Batch Invoice feature and bill out by percent complete or by time & expense. Create manual invoices and control every line item.


Do you get to focus your time on the things that you value? Are you distracted by clutter and repetition? Make tedious work a thing of the past and get real visibility into your firm so you can focus on being productive.

Customer Testimonials

Wakif B.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"I feel liberated with CORE."

"CORE has met our firms needs and has delivered on every aspect of CRM and Project Management. In my capacity as an Accounts Manager, I feel liberated to access critical client data in real time. Ability to update the CORE database remotely from multiple devices has increased efficiency and productivity for the Finance & Accounting Dept. Seamless integration across one interface has been a game changer for project management. Collaboration, time and expense entries and accessing overall health of projects is readily available. Key performance indicators and customizable dashboards offers the foodies who eat with their eyes an appetizing experience using CORE."

Louis J.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"Our experience with BQE CORE has been incredibly great!"

"Reasons for Choosing BQE CORE Suite: For it beautiful modern looking user interface and definitely for the feature set it brings with it for running our engineering firm. Last but not the least sales and support teams we have dealt with are the main reason we went with BQE CORE."

Sanda S.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"It is easy to invoice projects and for time entry."

"Love the dashboards and overall beautiful looking interface of CORE. We have been with BQE for 17 years and 3 years back we made a decision to switch to all cloud BQE CORE and we love it. This was the best decision! All our employees were onboard without any difficulty as it is very easy to navigate in CORE and everything is consistent, with the result there is no learning curve between the screens. We are also experiencing that it is easy to do invoicing and track time in CORE. We are taking advantage of some of the advanced features of CORE like "Report Scheduler" that has helped us automate the reporting process. Our clients electronically receive statements and accounts receivable reports resulting in less human involvement in maintaining the cash flow."


CORE makes data entry a thing of the past through integrations with popular software
like QuickBooks Online, Dropbox, and more.

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What Content Management Features are Included in Engineering Project Management Software?
The best project management software for engineering firms includes content management features such as centralized document management, asset storage, resource management, and document tracking. These functionalities help keep engineering teams organized, up to date, and more efficient.
What Integrations Should an Engineering Firm Project Management Software Include?
A robust engineering firm management software should replace several third-party integrations you’re using, but you may want to keep some tools that your team likes. Many companies prefer an all-in-one platform over several separate tools because it keeps your team aligned and provides a single source of truth. However, you should still look for an engineering business management software that seamlessly connects with popular programs like QuickBooks, G Suite, Xero, Stripe, Dropbox, One Drive, and Box.
How Does Engineering Project Tracking Software Improve Communication?
Effective communication is essential to a successful project, and engineering project management software makes it easy to keep in touch with all stakeholders. PM software will help your engineering firm improve communication and collaboration among clients, project teams, and other departments.

Project management software offers many of the same benefits as a CRM for engineering firms, but with extra capabilities like time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, resource management, and automated reporting. PM features like progress tracking and task management help teams know if they’re on track to reach their goals and avoid major issues or delays. Notifications on a task or project status keep all collaborators aligned and working together effectively.

Automation makes communication effortless and more detailed. With CORE’s accounting and project management software for engineering firms, you automatically receive updates and save time on billing clients, forecasting financials, and managing your budgets.