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Fast, easy, flexible and fun. CORE makes it easy to track time by providing options from daily, weekly and bi-weekly time cards to timers that can be paused and played throughout the day. Two minutes per day is all it takes.


CORE makes it effortless to track all expenses and receipts while linking them to projects for accounting and billing purposes. With the CORE Mobile app you never need to wait and suffer completing travel expenses again.


With CORE Mobile you no longer need to save paper receipts. Snap a picture and CORE will turn it into a digital receipt while converting the information into an expense record. CORE AI can even determine the tax and expense type.

Amazing Features

Automatic Billing

Create invoices in CORE automatically based on the schedule and frequency you like. Reduce cash flow headaches by ensuring invoices are prepared, reviewed and received by your client on time, every time.

Customizable Invoice Templates

Customize over 20 standard invoice templates to satisfy nearly every need. You will never ever have to manually create invoices by hand. Fully customizable invoice templates available for a nominal fee.

Multiple Contract Types

Hourly, fixed fee, cost plus, unit cost and percentage contract types are standard. Create a single invoice using multiple contract types. Easily separate basic from additional services. Complex billing methods available.

Recurring Invoices

Set up a schedule that runs on a specified frequency for fixed fee contract types and retainers. You can even schedule automatic invoices that will vary the value depending on the billable time and expenses.

Email Invoices with ePayment

Improve cash flow by sending invoices via email immediately after approval. A PDF of the invoice and supporting files (expense receipts), are attached. With ePayments enabled, clients can pay electronically.

Billing Schedules

Create schedules for expected and milestone billings for projects, calculating the values based on fixed amounts or percentage of total contract - with the option to apply retainer balance to the invoice.

Split Billing

Popular in the legal industry, split an invoice among various parties and track payments individually. Distribute services and/or expenses to one or more clients based on a percentage of the total invoice.

Submit and Approve Workflow

For increased accountability and control, use the submit and approve workflow to route draft invoices to the appropriate contacts. Automatically finalize invoices and have them emailed to the client upon approval.

Manage Invoices on CORE Mobile

There's no need to be at a computer in order to create new invoices, review existing ones and handle accounts receivable. CORE Mobile handles just about everything from anywhere.


Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Scheduling, Billing and Accounting
The Future of Accounting

Reduce Time to Invoice

Smart features like automatic billing, integrated with feature-rich time and expense tracking will reduce the time it takes to invoice from hours to minutes each month. Imagine what you can do with 200 extra hours each year.

The Future of Accounting

Improve Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow with CORE’s powerful invoice collection tools. Easily reach clients, track notes and take payments. Using ePayments means your clients can pay with a click of the mouse and CORE takes care of the rest.

The Future of Accounting

Don't Leave Money on the Table

CORE manages all contract types ensuring you are always invoicing the correct amount. Hourly, hourly not-to-exceed, fixed fee, cost plus, unit cost and percentage contract types are standard. Get every dollar you deserve.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Creating Invoices in CORE

CORE includes flexible and customizable invoicing. Produce all your invoices at once using the Batch Invoice feature and bill out by percent complete or by time & expense. Create manual invoices and control every line item.

Managing Invoices in CORE

See how CORE allows you to manage open invoices, including accepting payments, editing invoice memos, modifying existing invoices, emailing invoices, approving draft invoice, processing late fees and more.

Customer Testimonials

Vickie C.

Environmental Services

5 star rating

"CORE has been a gamechanger."

"We use the Time, Billing and Project Management modules; with this, I've been able to reduce time spent on billing (and have much better analysis tools) even as our company has grown."

Laura C.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"It's truly changed how we operate as a business."

"Previously we were using Excel for project management, timesheets, and AR invoicing. In addition, we were using Word and Excel to generate manual invoices (then converting to PDF). Not only has the billing process been improved, but we have been able to implement Internal Financial Controls. We purchased the HR and Accounting modules a couple of months ago and are in the process of implementing our own HR templates. We are looking forward to automating the HR process. It's truly changed how we operate as a business and made us ten times more efficient in so many different ways."

Julie E.

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

5 star rating

"CORE has given us ability to run comprehensive reports."

"CORE has saved us many hours to collect data from different sources and then bring it in our monthly invoices. The batch billing feature then allows us invoice several projects in one go. Our project structure requires us break projects in many phases and it is nice to see how these phases can be combines on one invoice in the batch screening. The ability to export reports into different formats and emailing reports out of the software has changed the way we used to do reporting."


CORE makes data entry a thing of the past through integrations with popular software
like QuickBooks Online, Dropbox, and more.

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