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BQE CORE Online Time & Expense Tracking Features

Time Cost Tracking

Fast, easy, and flexible. CORE makes it simple to track time by providing options from daily, weekly, and bi-weekly timecards to timers that can be paused and played throughout the day. Two minutes per day is all it takes.

Expense Tracking Software

CORE makes it effortless to track all expenses and receipts while linking them to projects for accounting and billing purposes. Access the CORE Mobile app anywhere, anytime to easily complete travel expenses on the go.

Receipt Capture

Eliminate paper receipts forever. Snap a picture and CORE will turn it into a digital receipt while converting the information into an expense record. CORE AI can even determine the tax and expense type for added convenience.

Fully Integrated Solution - Time and Expense Reporting, Project Management, and more

The Future of Accounting

Excellent Return on Investment

Don’t let your hours fall through the cracks. Every hour counts and with CORE, you can record them all. Capture more billable hours/week, resulting in additional revenue per person. 

The Future of Accounting

Automatic Overtime Compliance

Never struggle with incorrect time recording or guesswork again. CORE’s automatic Overtime Calculator makes it easy for your company to stay in compliance with hour and wage regulations.

The Future of Accounting

Save Time and Improve Cash Flow

Satisfied clients + happy staff = healthy finances. CORE’s automatic billing and e-Payments ensure your time and expenses are converted into revenue effortlessly and accurately. This saves administrative time and allows clients to get paid faster.

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The 360-degree, business management platform with business and artificial intelligence giving you insights into every aspect of your firm. With automation throughout the platform, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Why Should You Care

It's time for something better. Your managers don't have the info they need. Invoicing takes too long and it's hard to get information about performance. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to do everything in your firm.

Project Management, Accounting & Business Intelligence

Do you get to focus your time on the things that you value? Are you distracted by clutter and repetition? Make tedious work a thing of the past and get real visibility into your firm so you can focus on being productive.

Customer Testimonials

Vickie C.

Environmental Services

5 star rating

"CORE has been a gamechanger."

"We use the Time, Billing and Project Management modules; with this, I've been able to reduce time spent on billing (and have much better analysis tools) even as our company has grown."

Faith A.

Civil Engineering

5 star rating

"We enjoy easy time and expense tracking and billing."

"We looked at many software before picking CORE for our office. Overall we are very satisfied with BQE CORE. The feature set it offers for the price is definitely a plus. It was important for us to get a software for time and expense tracking and invoicing which was simple to use and to the point. With CORE we have successfully achieved that which means our staff no longer have to use Excel to keep track of time and expense on the cases. It has saved us time, it keeps the record of our data accurately and we enjoy the insightful reports."

Marlene L.

Architecture & Planning

5 star rating

"Time and expense tracking is easy and faster."

"Inputting our time and expenses in BQE is so much faster - one does not have to do it manually and then trying to established what the billing and or expenses are for each client.... as we have many projects on the go. Manually would be time-consuming vs. inputting into software."


CORE makes data entry a thing of the past through integrations with popular software
like QuickBooks Online, Dropbox, and more.

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How Do I Get Employees to Submit a Timesheet?
Getting employees to submit their timesheets promptly is a constant struggle, but adopting a user-friendly program to track expenses makes it easier. Timesheet and expenses software like BQE CORE gives your team remote access to record their time and expenses from anywhere, sends them automated reminders, and pre-populates timesheets with their tasks.

Beyond equipping employees with software that helps them be proactive about timesheets, your firm can also improve its time and expense reporting by:

  • Setting clear policies and guidelines
  • Making daily time tracking mandatory
  • Letting employees bill you for time and expense entry activity (with CORE, it only takes 1-2 minutes)
  • Offering incentives
  • Making timesheet completion part of performance reviews

Implementing the best time and expense software for your firm can actually motivate your employees to track their time and submit timesheets on time because it’s a record of how productive they were during that period. They can use their timesheets to show how they contributed to profitability or demonstrate that they need support from other team members to complete tasks more efficiently.

Encouraging team members to use smart timecards adds efficiency to your firm’s time and expense billing processes and provides you with timesheet data that helps you make informed decisions about performance. Read our blog post on How to Get Employees to Submit Timesheets for more tips.
Why Do I Need Time Tracking Software if I use Spreadsheets?
Using spreadsheets for time tracking is not as precise or efficient as using time and expense management software. 80% of timesheets are inaccurate, which means your firm needs all of the help it can get to ensure your payroll and billing are correct.

Spreadsheets require employees to track time manually, adding another low-value administrative task to their plate. These tasks can add up to make your employees feel frustrated and under-utilized. And the more complicated your tracking processes are, the less likely your staff is to complete them on time, causing delays in your firm’s billing.

Transitioning from spreadsheets to time tracking software enables you to automate mundane tasks, set up easy-to-follow standards, access real-time performance data, and eliminate reporting errors. You can further level up your time tracking processes by choosing a platform specifically for your industry, such as BQE CORE’s time and expense software for accountants. CORE shows you exactly how your team’s time is spent, so you identify areas for improvement, better allocate resources, and remove inefficiencies to always finish projects on time.
Is Time Tracking Software Easy for Employees?
Yes, an expense tracking system is easy for employees to learn and saves them significant time and hassle in their routine. Instead of spending substantial chunks of time manually tracking hours and updating timecards, employees only spend 1-2 minutes/day with time tracking software. It also provides them with information they can use, including how productive they are and where they can further enhance their skills.

Your firm’s HR, payroll, and accounting staff benefit from time tracking and expense billing software because it automates and streamlines the process of approving project expenses, finalizing payroll, and sending invoices.